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Site Overview
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The Site Overview is your central location to view and manage an individual site.

To access the Site Overview for a specific site, click the Overview icon.


Next to the site, click the Overview to see general information about the site. Click the three dots menu () to Duplicate, Save as Template, Assign Label, Reset, or Transfer the site. Click the Edit icon to open the editor and make changes to the site. To preview the site on desktop, tablet, or mobile, click the Preview icon.


To see statistics on the site performance, in the side panel, click Stats.

Site Visits

The number of total site visits is listed, with desktop and mobile visits specified, to the right. The total site visits compared to the trend from the previous time period is displayed on the graph. Select a time frame from the drop-down to see a graph of the visits to your site over time. To see more statistics, click Open Full Stats.


On the Stats card, click Engagement to see information about engagement actions being taken on your site. Only widgets installed on your site will display. You will see up to four engagements from the list below:

  • Click to Call

  • Form Submission

  • Click to Email

  • Click to Map

  • Click to Share

  • Store Order

  • Coupons

  • Click to Text

  • OpenTable Click

To see more statistics on engagement, click Open Full Stats.

Form Responses

Lists all form responses from the site. To manage and delete form responses, click Manage Responses. For more information, see Contact Form Responses.

*Only display changes made after December 16, 2020.


Site Members

To manage the members on your site, click Site Members. To remove a member from the list, click the settings icon next to the member, and click Remove Member. To download a list of members, click Export to CSV.

Membership Settings

To configure who can sign up for the page as a member, click Membership Settings, and select Everyone or Only people approved manually.

If you select Only people approved manually, click Member Requests Recipients to configure who receives member requests by email and are able to approve or deny them.

Additional Actions

In the left panel, under Additional Actions, you have the following options:

  • Form Responses. See information around Contact Form submissions.

  • Manage Store. Open the Store Control Panel to manage your eCommerce store.

  • Manage Blog. Manage your blog posts.

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