Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is your central location to view and manage all of your sites

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Dashboard Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the top of the page allows you to access different sections of your account, as well as information about your account and payments.


You have the following options:

  • Create Site - Click Create New Site to convert or create a new responsive website.

  • Search - Type a site name in the search box to locate a specific site.

  • Site List - In order to help you quickly find the site you are looking for, the site list provides a snapshot image of the site. Snapshot images are updated daily.

  • Site Controls - Each site includes Edit, Preview, and Overview. Additionally, click the three dots menu for the following options:

    • Duplicate

    • Save as Template

    • Reset Site

    • Transfer Site

    • Assign Label

    • Unassign Label

  • Subscription - Displays the subscription status of the site.

  • Export CSV - ends a CSV file containing the last 20,000 sites to your email. Only Account Owners and Staff Members can take this action. The CSV file contains the following columns:

    • Site name

    • Site alias

    • External UID

    • Site URL (if it exists)

    • Status (published or unpublished)

    • Creation date

    • First publish date (if it exists)

    • Last publish date (if it exists)

    • Auto renew setting (on, off, or null)

    • Next renewal date (if it exists)

    • Labels

    • Subscription

    • Failed billing (value of TRUE, if a problem occurred with billing)

  • Organize by Labels - You can organize your content in theWebsite Builder by applying a label to each site. Labels help keep your site dashboard tidy by either allowing you to filter sites based on what label is assigned to them or by telling you more about what the site is for. For example, you can tag a label as Unfinished draft to let you know that this is a site you're still working on or you can tag multiple sites as John Doe Sites to let you filter all sites built by/for John Doe.

  • Status - You can see the Status of the site under the Status column.

  • Filter Sites - You can filter the list of sites by Labels, Creation Date, Last Published Date, and Site Status. To keep your set filters, click the Remember filter checkbox.

  • Sort Sites - You can sort the list of sites by publish date, creation date, and site name.

  • Number of sites is found in your account and is available in the header of the Sites List.

  • Site Comments - You can see which sites contain unresolved comments.


The Stats section allows you to view the analytics of sites in your account.

Account (Email Address)

The Account section includes the following options:

  • Account - Update the email and password associated with the account.

  • Payment - Review your payment history and upcoming charges.

  • Payment Info - Update your payment information.

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